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Consensus, transmission to several

One Capsule, many approvals.


Your Time Capsule with shared security

Multiple consent for more security...


Thanks to group authorization for sending the capsule, security has never been so present.

With Time Guardian, all you have to do is designate several trusted individuals who will trigger the transmission together.

Without this consensus, the capsule cannot be shipped...

However, rest assured. The relatives you select will never have access to the contents, because the recipient will remain the only one in charge.


How does it work?

Activate the Consensus Mode of your Time Capsule


Designate between 1 and 5 trusted people in your circle.

Assuming that 3 of these 5 people request the recovery of this capsule, it will be sent only if the owner of the capsule does not object within a configurable period of 78 hours.

Immersion in a real-life case


Bob & Léo

Bob designates Leo as the recipient for his capsule, while selecting the Consensus protocol.


Consent list

Bob determines a list of 5 trusted people, then defines the number of people who will validate the shipment together.


Choice of consensus

If Bob defines only one person, then only his vote will be enough to send the Capsule. If he designates 5, then the whole group must vote for the capsule to be sent.


Opposition or cancellation allowed

If Bob does not object to the vote within a predetermined time, then the capsule will be sent.

100mb + 1 year

Date protocol


Capture your memories today, share them tomorrow!

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