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Set a date

From 1 day to 100 years.


Your Time Capsule,will open in 100 years...

A message for your most distant descendants?


Don't worry about the time passing by. With Time Guardian, you can wish your grandchildren a birthday, deliver an important document on a specific date or simply send an important message to your loved ones. No more worries, your time capsule memorizes the dates for you.

This bold technology allows you to send your most cherished photos, documents, or memories in... 100 years! The dream of keeping your memories alive for your descendants, even the most distant, is now within your reach.

Imagine your children and grandchildren discovering their capsules in 10, 20, 50 or even 100 years... Time Guardian makes it possible.

In 987 days or on September 23, 2110, your capsule will propel your data to the time period you choose, whether it's a countdown or an exact date. In other words, only you control the programming and content of your application. Relax, Time Guardian's extraordinary technology ensures that your files will arrive at their destination, even on the farthest date. A revolutionary storage service never before conceived.


How does it work?

Easy to get started


Activate the 'Dday', i.e. the sending of the capsule on a specific date.

Or activate the 'Countdown', that is to say the sending after a period, renewable if conditions.

As soon as the date expires, the capsule is sent.

Peace of mind for many people


Diane Mother

Diane will send her children, their first cryptocurrencies in the capsule. The arrival is expected at their 18th birthday.


John Military

John will leave on a mission and will provide his wife with documents, keys, cryptos, in case of non-return on a specific date.


Mathieu Alert launcher

Mathieu, a whistleblower, must authenticate himself via biometrics every night so that no information is transferred.

100mb + 1 year

Date protocol


Capture your memories today, share them tomorrow!

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