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After your


your legacy will live on forever


A Time Capsule, for your serenity.

What if tomorrow you disappeared?


What would happen to all your digital data if your loved ones didn't have access to it? Imagine your favorite photo albums, your access codes (bank, insurance, crypto...), your property titles, your most beautiful Instagram and Facebook pictures lost forever...

Well, this disaster scenario could hit you with the most popular storage services on the market such as Dropbox, Google Drive or even iCloud. Indeed, in these digital clouds, your data no longer belongs to you. It becomes the property of the company that stores it!

As a result, in the event of your death, your family will have no choice but to request authorization to access your account.

Hopefully, you will be able to get your precious data back one day... because you should know that the owner company has the power to decide whether or not to authorize the transfer of ownership, without asking your family's opinion.

In order to give users back the information that belongs to them, Time Guardian offers an innovative technology: the Death Protocol. This unique device triggers the sending of your Time Capsule with maximum security and confidentiality. This allows your friends and family to retrieve your data without the need for authorization. Enjoy your life, Time Guardian takes care of your memories.


How does it work?

Activate the Death Protocol easily


Fill in your name, first name & date
of birth

Enter your phone number

Add the number of some relatives for confirmation

At the time of your death, we will match your identity to the death records we are linked to.

100mb + 1 year

Date protocol


Capture your memories today, share them tomorrow!

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